Medical Cost Projections

A team of experienced, certified life care planners

  • Medical Cost Projection reports are used when a full catastrophic life care plan is not needed, but there has been future care recommended such as a surgery or future course of pain management treatment. Medical cost projection reports are prepared by registered nurses who are certified life care planners using life care planning methodology, including appropriate coding and costing resources.

  • Our medical cost projections are performed by certified life care planners who have expertise with coding and costing methodology.

  • A medical cost projection is a targeted report which may be limited to a future course of treatment including future surgery, course of pain management procedures, and ongoing medications therapies based on the recommendations of treating and/or consulting physicians.

  • All likely costs are considered, including physician fees, anesthesia charges, hospital charges, rehabilitation charges, home health care charges, medications, diagnostics, and durable medical equipment associated with the proposed medical procedures based on decades of nurse case management and life care planning expertise.

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